The Paint and Sip trend emerged a few years ago in the USA, and has taken off around the world. It's now happening big-time in New York, Hong Kong, Sydney, London and Berlin. We're bringing this special mix of socializing and creativity to Warsaw - and soon to other cities in Poland.

The idea is to challenge the virtual reality that's commanding everyone's attention, reducing real-life experience. Art&Vino is all about helping unleash your inner artist in a cool, chic and relaxing atmosphere where you can meet new friends and enjoy yourself.

Have you ever thought about creating your own piece of art? To sit behind a blank canvas and just paint your own picture? What if it brought out the real you?
Here’s the idea: we form a group of interested people, choose a painting and a cool place. You take a brush in one hand, a glass of wine in the other, and in a stress-free atmosphere you start creating your own masterpiece. During the whole process an experience artist guides you step-by-step, and you let your imagination run free.

Going out for a drink may not be enough these days. We are always looking for new experiences, and new ways to spend free time. Recent psychological research show that people are happier when they’re having an experience versus making a purchase. Art – besides enhancing the spirit – also has relaxing and therapeutic qualities. The act of painting can itself produce the same state of mind as practicing yoga. Our mission is to provide a new form of socializing – and to have a good time – so that you can create your own work together with your friends or loved ones.

No experience necessary – we are painting for fun!

So click book ticket and unleash your inner artist!

We guarantee:

  • New and different form of spending free time.
  • A chance to uncover your hidden talent.
  • Paints, brushes, canvas, apron and an experienced artist.
  • Your own painting on canvas ready to hang on the wall.


Unleash your creativity and positive energy! It will motivate you to move ahead!

  • Our events are held in interesting and original venues.
  • Come solo to meet new friends.
  • Bring you own crowd and relax after a hard day at work.
  • Invite your other half for a special date.
  • Share a fun night out with your family and discover their artistic talents


We will help you to inspire your team and make it a creative fun event.

  • Paint a portrait of their boss or a co-worker.
  • Logo of your company.
  • Work individually or as a team, building a painting from fragments.
  • Visualize the purpose of your project using paints and visual thinking techniques (expressing the content with an image, not a word)


Uncork your creativity – new form of fun for any occasion! Your guests will leave with a gift – everyone will take home their own masterpiece.

  • We will organize a unique paint and wine party.
  • Any occasion is good… birthday, anniversary, holiday, bachelorette/bachelor party, or even a purchase of a new home.
  • Together we will choose a suitable painting for the occasion.
  • The event can be held at a venue chosen by you or at your home.


Dominika Bialy
Founder of Art&Vino
I have recently returned back to Poland from USA, where I lived on and off for many years. During my stay there I discovered the pleasure of paint and sip Read More
Martyna Boniewska
Artist and Art Instructor
Art was my passion since childhood. My works include portraits, landscapes and abstracts. I gained experience as and instructor while leading many art workshops. This experience will allow me to Read More